New Energy

Georgia is at a crossroads in the energy industry. Solar power and biofuels are becoming more viable alternatives than ever before; yet traditional sources such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear power are still powerful contenders in the energy arena. I advocate exploration into any and all clean, affordable sources of energy that require no subsidies and opening Georgia’s economy to development of new avenues that would ultimately save money for the citizens of Georgia.


Fair Rates

Much of Georgia’s energy sector has been tightly controlled by a small handful of businesses that seek to restrict access to new, more affordable forms of energy. As a Public Service Commissioner, I will aggressively advocate for energy rates to be fair and affordable and to be set based upon objective, empirical evidence and not influenced by the whims of an elite few.


Honest Dealing

Public servants should serve the people of our state and not the special interest groups that lobby the government to pick winners and losers. If elected, I will support stricter ethics regulations on ex parte communications between lobbyists and Public Service Commissioners, especially when rate cases are ongoing. Additionally, direct lobbyist spending on commissioners should be heavily restricted, if not banned entirely.